Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Pricing: We assist you in correctly pricing your rental property by providing you with a Free neighborhood rental comparable which allows for the best selection of tenants. We know the best tenants are looking for the best deals, that is why it is so important to price a property correctly at market price. 

  • Marketing and Advertising: Our goal is to market to all potential tenants. We take multiple photos of the property creating still images and a Virtual Tour. We place a professional sign on the property and find this to still bring in many calls. We place all our available properties in the MLS making the property available for over 12,000 real estate agents. We also place your home on over 30 websites, such as ReMax.com, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Zillow, etc.

  • Screening Tenants: It is our goal to obtain the highest qualified tenants for each property. We have defined a preferred tenant profile based on credit check, background check, employment, and rental or ownership history.  We present each tenant to our owners for their final approval.

  • Moving-the-Tenants In: We have a full state and locally approved lease agreement that is updated continually and give the owner maximum protection at the time of leasing. We do a complete walk through report with photos to document the condition of the property at the time of Move-In.  We explain the terms of the lease to the tenant so there will be no confusions and provide new tenants with a Tenant Manual.

  • Rent Collections: We do not offer any “grace period” for our renters, it is due on the first of each and late after. 

  • Inspections: We provide a mid-lease inspection on all our occupied properties. We feel that it is critical for our owners to see how the tenants are caring for the property.  We do a complete evaluation for the property by providing our owners with current photographs and a written report. This is a great tool in deciding whether to renew a tenant's lease. **Due to COVID-19 per Governor, we are not allowed to conduct any inspections until further notice.

  • Maintenance:  We understand more than anyone a client’s need to be kept abreast of property condition both physically and financially. We highly recommend owners get a home warranty plan to help save money. Home Warranty is an option but if you do not choose to purchase a plan, we have a preferred vendor list of handyman, housekeepers, landscapers, carpet cleaning, pool maintenance, etc. to further help control costs and quality. We do our best to contact our owners about any maintenance needed to be done at their property. Over the years, we have assembled an excellent array of honest technicians for every area of repair for the property. Prompt attention to maintenance items keeps tenants smiling and prevents minor problems from turning into high dollar repairs later.

  • Monthly Statements: We provide a monthly income and expense statements for our clients each month. 

  • Evictions: We handle problems incurred with the tenant, such as non-payment of rent, non-compliance to yard, etc.  If rent is not received by the 5th of the month the eviction process is started. It begins with a “7 day-notice to pay or quit” this notice takes 8-10 working days not including weekends and holidays. If the tenant still has not paid by the end of the period, the 7-day notice is followed by a “24-hour lock-out” or a scheduled court date. This is where the tenant is physically removed from the property by the sheriff’s office, the locks are changed, and the property is secured. Complete evictions are exceedingly rare. Tenants will usually pay at some point during the process. Once a tenant is late, we do not accept personal checks or online payments, tenants must pay in certified funds. The owner is contacted during this period and kept informed. Owners are responsible for all eviction fees and reimbursed once paid by tenant.

  • Move-Out: When a tenant vacates a property, we again do a complete inspection of the property comparing the move in documentation to the move out documentation. We will charge the tenant damages and/or repairs needed that they are responsible for under the lease with their security deposit.  In the state of Nevada, we have 30 days by law to account for or return a tenant’s deposit. 

Above all, we stay in constant correspondence with the owner of the property being managed.